RIO Customer Display RPD 210

RIO Customer Display RPD 210

RIO POS Pheripherals line to suit for point of sales application and needs in marketplace.


Model RPD-210
Display Method Vacuum Fluorescent Display (blue green)
Brightness 700 cd/m2
Number of character 40 characters (20 columns x 2 lines)
Character font 5 x 7 dot matrix
Character size 3.50mm x 5.00 mm
Character Type 96 alphanumeric, 13 international character sets, 1 user define character, 14 code page
Power Supply Powered by USB, +5Vdc and +9 ~ 35Vdc are optional
Power Consumption 2W (Max.)
MTBF 30,000 hours (power on time)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 45
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90 % RH
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 50
Storage Humidity 10 ~ 90 % RH
Module Dimensions 146 (W) x 49.2 (H) x 26.4 (D) mm
Display Dimensions 176(W) x 130(D) 355(H)mm, 176(W) x 130(D) 224(H)mm, 176(W) x 130(D) 135(H)mm
Connectivity Data & Power – USB
Module Weight 172 g
Display Weight 0.5 kg

Model: RPD210

•  Data can be display on 20 columns x 2 lines
•  Display panel is adjustable to provide the best view angle
•  Provide 2 pole for best position installation
•  Esc/pos command compatible
•  International character set is selectable
•  User-defined characters can be download
•  User-defined message can be download
•  Green power function. USB Powered.


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