Emsys IT is an authorized Distributor for Stimare in Middle East

Stimare manufactures and distributes thermal ticket printers for the event ticketing industry, as well as cutting-edge barcode scanning technology which can turn almost any smartphone into a powerful industrial scanner.

Our range of thermal ticket printers can be found in visitor attractions and professional sports stadiums all over the world. Whether you are visiting a cultural venue or watching a football game, it is likely the ticket you have in your hand was produced by a Stimare ticket printing machine.

Our range of add-on handheld barcode scanners for iPhone, iPod and iPad, and for Android smartphones, transforms consumer products into industrial level barcode scanners. By simply slotting onto your phone or handheld device, Stimare scanners free you from limitations like battery power and speed, while at the same time allowing you to use affordable consumer product developers to create APPs or web-based software to support your scanning requirements.