Comprehensive solutions and services

Emsys IT is dedicated to enhancing profitability and productivity for your retail business by supplying the very latest in technology by offering compact machines that save precious floor space or integrated processes to ‘free up’ your staff so they can play other roles in the customer experience.

We also provides innovative solutions for every area of your store so your work flow becomes streamlined and enhance your brand and make your products stand out in your store.

Retail POS solution with all the features and customer support you need

We have worked with leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and local retailers in every industry sector to develop critical features and provide the expert support you won’t find anywhere else.

POS Solutions

A wide variety of high-performance machines with functions such as “self check-out” means smoother customer flow.

Special Media Solutions

Our MFPs’ capabilities enable a wide variety of in-house printing, helping save time and money!

Currency Machines

Emsys IT provides advanced, business-grade currency counting and counterfeit detection that’s also easy to use

Mobile Printer Solutions

Labels including price markdowns and shelf labels can be printed out on the spot.

Handheld Scanners

Quick reading performance, ease of installation and use, accuracy and reliability, Emsys has you covered.

Digital Signage

Visualizing information provides customers with prompt information and guidance.

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