POS Systems


POZONE T1000 – T1100

T1000 ( 5-wire resistive type ) / T1100 ( 10-points P-CAP type ) – POS Terminal High performance & power saving with seamless flat-bezel touch screen.



High performance intel® Core™ i3 processor 3.30Ghz/3MB cache, POS Terminal with aluminum enclosure design


POZONE T800 POS Terminal

Stylish Dynamic Fanless Touch POS Terminal – T800, Rugged meets Style


XANDER 3 PT-5130

XANDER 3 – Swift, Price Effective and High Performance POS



POZONE POS 80 – All-in-one Fanless Dual Core POS Terminal



Fanless Embedded Computer featured robust housing with Intel Atom fanless for the space-limited space applications.



X-POS 950 is the top-of-the-range POS terminal systems with state-of- art configurations and designed to be a highly reliability and flexible platform.



High Performance Dual Core Processor with Fanless Operation with 4 GB memory


RIO Maverick PT6400

RIO Maverick Series – Maverick PT6400 – IP64 water and dust proof protection for front panel
Stylish and rimless flat panel design


RIO Xander5 PT5200

RIO XANDER 5 | Touch Terminal, Swift, High Performance and Price Effective POS


RIO Rainbow PT-6310

Rainbow Color Matching Terminal, Match Color Panels to your interiors,

The Seamless flat-bezel Fanless touch POS Terminal High performance & power saving touch POS terminal. https://t.co/uNSlA6RPXG
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The excluesive handheld for warehouse management, Scanning Intensive PDA, Ultra-rugged, Flexible options PDA- M3 https://t.co/pJLtxzXzeV
New Premier Mobile Computer, Rugged full touch screen with Android -- M3 Mobile. SM-10 https://t.co/Wc4j0NZm2z
Receipt, POS & Mobile Printer's... desktop, mobile, kiosk ,Portable, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Android, iPad & More. https://t.co/4Gm4jiTSUM
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AMERSEC® RF shoplifting prevention systems not only use the latest technology to protect your articles https://t.co/1ORObTQHsj
AMERSEC® Shoplifting Prevention Systems has been providing advanced security products to the retail sector since1996 https://t.co/VsI4jWii0q
RIK 1120 Maximus Price Checker, 10.1” Touch Screen Fully Functional and Ultra Compact Wall Mountable with Omni directional scanner
Maximus – RIK 1120 Price Checker / Pos -- Enhance Customer Service, Compact & Stylish Micro Kiosk Price Checker. https://t.co/j23KdNaTLu
iMaverick – PT7700 -17inch All-in-One Touch POS Terminal with rugged die cast aluminum body.... https://t.co/XH3p3nULzl
Stylish Dynamic Touch POS Terminal High efficiency touch POS terminal with next generation Intel® Bay Trail platform https://t.co/124VZeal6g
A new dynasty in POS has begun with EBN Dynasty The era of legacy design rules in POS , is at an end with the birth https://t.co/9YUb3K6AZK
A new dynasty in POS has begun with EBN Dynasty The era of legacy design rules in POS is at an end with the birth of the EBN Dynasty.
One Stop Shop for all your POS, Barcoding & ID Card Needs... http://t.co/abA4MnVsjl
Stylish and Economical POS 80 from POZONE